Higher Education (HE) Futures

EdBiz has undertaken projects that have involved pathways and partnerships, offshore campus development, education hubs, quality audits, risk management, transnational education (TNE) policy and practice, institutional registration and course accreditation (TEQSA), regulatory standards (ESOS) and academic compliance, quality frameworks, market demand and source country supply, online education platforms, competitor analysis, agent reviews, student recruitment strategies, benchmarking credit for prior study provisions, needs analysis, field research, equivalence and compliance provisions, program closure and partner withdrawal, staff development and training and participating on Academic and Governance Boards. All this experience shapes the way we see higher education futures.

Vocational Education (VET) Futures

EdBiz has successfully completed client projects that have involved identification and implementation of offshore programs, the establishment and effective operations of remote offshore campuses, benchmarking competitive offerings, preparing operations manuals, analyzing target markets, recommending new program development, implementing quality assurance processes, providing staff training and development, building offshore networks and higher education pathways, ensuring regulatory compliance through pre-audits and reviews, and preparing TEQSA registration and accreditation documentation.

School Sector Futures

EdBiz involvement in this sector originated with the identification and subsequent establishment of a remote private secondary school campus in China. Since then EdBiz has supported the school sector with international student recruitment strategies, undertaken agent needs analysis in Australia and overseas, published research findings on Australian Y12 demand overseas, benchmarked selected country school sector strategies, developed frameworks for the review of licensing arrangements and prepared operational manuals to guide effective partner relations. Positioning school sector curriculum, working with partners and ensuring regulatory compliance and risk minimization are always important client requirements preparing the pathway for sustainable futures.

International Development Futures

EdBiz has worked with governments and NGO’s to support aid projects with an education component in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Bangladesh, Botswana and Nepal. The involvement has ranged from preparing feasibility submissions to contributing to education components of projects funded through leading international development agencies.

English Language Futures

English language instruction is a core component of all education sectors and EdBiz has undertaken a number of projects that address delivery models, standards, pathways, assessment and visa related issues.